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Invoking 3 sections of DSA debatable

The full text of JhumonDas' bail order can be found here. The High Court noted that the High Court could not invoke the three sections in the Digital Security Act for which Das was in prison over six months. "Considering the evidence before the court, it is clear that the issue of invoking sections 25(1) (Ka), 31(2) and 35 of the Digital Security Act would be a controversial issue. This issue will be addressed during the trial. "The petitioner [Jhuman] has been held in custody since March 16, 2021. Although the matter is currently under investigation, that alone would not be enough to deny petitioner personal liberty. His Facebook ID is not being commented at this time. "The petitioner is no longer required for interrogation," reads the entire order of Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam of the HC bench and Justice KM Zahid Sarwar Kajol. Jhumon Das was implicated in the DSA case for criticizing Hefajat-e-Islam leader Mamunul haque on Facebook. He was released